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Sterling Class Members
    • Capfield OÜ
      Address: Tartu mnt. 2, Tallinn 10145, Estonia
      Tel: +372 6154170
      Email: info (at)
      Contact Person: Kadi Aljas Salme
      Tel: +372 6154170
      Email: kadi.aljas (at)
      Company Description: Capfield is owner and developer of shopping centres in Estonia. The Capfield portfolio consists of six retail centres in Estonia with a gross leasable area (GLA) in excess of 75,000m2 as well as various land plots scheduled for development. The Capfield portfolio is one of the largest retail portfolios in Estonia with excellent city center and suburban locations. Major anchor tenants represent an impressive 65% of the portfolio’s GLA and include well-known local and international brands such as Bauhaus, Maxima, Prisma, Rimi, Selver,, Baltika Fashion Chains, Denim Dream, Jysk, Euronics and Apollo book stores.
      Membership Status: Sterling Class
    • AS G4S Eesti
      Address: Paldiski mnt 80, Tallinn
      Tel: +372 651 1700
      Email: g4s (at)
      Contact Person: Maret Koppelmaa
      Email: maret.koppelmaa (at)
      Company Description: AS G4S Eesti is owned by the international G4S group, whose primary area of activity is provision of security services. G4S’s subsidiaries in more than 100 countries employ over 611,000 people. That makes the company the security service provider with the largest number of employees in the world. According to the Association of Estonian Security Companies, G4S controls 41% of the Estonian security market and 51% of the Estonian guard services market. G4S has earned its good reputation among customers above all due to its services and quality of service and customer service. We specialise in outsourced business processes and facilities in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat, with expertise in the assessment and management of security and safety risks for buildings, infrastructure, materials, valuables and people.
      To see the video of G4S on YouTube, please click here.
      Membership Status: Sterling Class
    • Marsh Kindlustusmaakler AS
      Address: Tartu mnt 18, 10115 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 681 1000
      Fax: +372 681 1001
      Email: info.estonia (at)
      Contact Person 1: Mart Mere
      Email: mart.mere (at)
      Contact Person 2: Vladimir Ossipov
      Tel: +372 681 1023
      Email: vladimir.ossipov (at)
      Company Description: Marsh is the world’s number-one risk and insurance services firm. Our services include risk management, risk consulting, insurance broking, financial management, insurance programme management, risk analysis, audit and identification, and claims processing. Our client base is extremely diverse, including small and large businesses, public entities, associations, professional services organisations and private individuals in over 100 countries.
      Membership Status: Sterling Class
    • Advokaadibüroo SORAINEN AS
      Address: Kawe Plaza, 7th floor, Pärnu mnt 15, Tallinn 10141, Estonia
      Tel: +372 6 400 9000
      Contact Person: Kertu Ruus
      Contact Person 2:Triin Toom
      Company Description: Sorainen is a truly integrated Baltic and Belarusian full-service law firm. Sorainen’s mission is to increase prosperity in the Baltic States and Belarus by helping clients succeed in business.
      As a leading law firm in the region, Sorainen is regularly seen advising in the largest and most complex corporate, M&A, private equity, financing, real estate and other commercial transactions in the Baltic States and Belarus. Sorainen’s track record includes more than 55,000 cases, along with over 800 M&A transactions to date. The firm’s clients are mainly large and medium sized international and local businesses operating or planning to operate in the Baltic States and Belarus. The firm’s experts specialise both in legal practice and business sectors. As a result, Sorainen specialists are optimally prepared to deliver business oriented solutions. With fully integrated offices in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Minsk, Sorainen ensures effective, high quality services, doing business in all four countries.
      Membership Status: Sterling Class
    • Tallinna Vesi AS
      Address: Ädala 10, 10614 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel:+372 626 2200
      Email:tvesi (at)
      Contact Person:Karl Heino Brookes, CEO
      Email: karl.brookes (at)
      Company Description: AS Tallinna Vesi is Estonia’s largest water company – it´s activities affect almost one third of Estonia’s population. AS Tallinna Vesi provides pure drinking water to customers and collects and treats wastewater and storm water, using environmentally safe and modern technologies. The company realises that by offering services to its customers that comply with all the requirements the company influences the quality of life of Tallinners, surrounding municipalities and all people living next to the Baltic Sea. The company values the natural environment it operates in and therefore uses natural resources sparingly and continuously seeks new ways for a more sustainable consumption. In order to help shaping an environmentally conscious mind-set in the society, AS Tallinna Vesi encourages and supports others accordingly. In all its activities AS Tallinna Vesi strives to do more than expected, in terms of quality, support for the community, environmental education, as well as working environment.
      Membership Status: Sterling Class
First Class Members
    • Advokaadibüroo Glikman Alvin & Partnerid
      Address: Liivalaia 45, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 686 0000
      Fax: +372 686 0001
      Email: estonia (at)
      Contact Person 1: Paul Keres
      Tel: +372 686 0000
      Email: paul.keres (at)
      Company Description: Glikman & Partnerid is one of the leaders of business law in Estonia and the Baltic countries. We provide complex solutions and render other services, ensuring legal security of our customers as well as the active support for business development. Our legal team includes some of the finest legal practitioners in the Baltics. Our client base is comprised of a number of leading local and foreign businesses, some of which are household names on a worldwide basis.
      Membership Status: First Class
    • LEADELL Pilv Law Office
      Address: Vabaduse väljak 10 10146 Tallinn
      Tel: +372 6191 630
      Contact Person 1: Britta Oltjer
      Tel: +372 6191 630
      Contact Person 2: Epp Lumiste
      Company Description:
      LEADELL law offices – Pilv in Estonia, Fogels, Vitols & Paipa in Latvia, and Balciunas & Grajauskas in Lithuania – are among the leading business law firms in the Baltic countries. We provide high-end legal advice through dozens of strong specialists in numerous practice areas in effective pan-Baltic cooperation. We securely lead our clients from problems to trustworthy solutions.
      The comprehensive and highly recognised experience of the LEADELL Pilv Law Office dates back to 1993. It is represented in two Estonian towns – Tallinn and Tartu. Currently the LEADELL Pilv Law Office is employing 25 specialists, including 16 lawyers and legal advisors. We provide legal assistance in Estonian, English, German, Finnish and Russian. We advise clients and have a profound experience in various areas including: corporate law and M&A, banking and finance, tax law, dispute resolution, IT & intellectual property, competition law, insolvency and labour law.
      LEADELL law offices are members of the TAGLaw, a worldwide alliance of independent law firms which guarantees the availability of legal assistance to our clients through reliable partners in over 90 countries.
      Membership Status: First Class
    • Barons Hotels
      Address: Suur-Karja 7 / Väike-Karja 2, 10140 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 699 9719
      Fax: +372 699 9799
      Contact Person: Toomas Kapsta
      Tel: +372 699 9719
      Email: toomas (at)
      Company Description: Hotel business, real estate development, timber business.
      Membership status: First Class
    • Cybernetica AS
      Address: Mäealuse 2/1 12618 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 639 7991
      Fax: +372 639 7992
      Email: info (at)
      Contact Person 1: Aivar Usk
      Tel: +372 513 1021
      Email: aivar.usk (at)
      Contact Person 2: Pille Pirn
      Tel: +372 639 7945
      Email: pille.pirn (at)
      Company Description: Cybernetica is a private research and development company, original equipment manufacturer and solutions provider active in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). We offer a wide range of original communication, visual navigation, light signalling and telematics products as well as off-the-shelf and tailored hardware/software system solutions. Our services range from auditing of information systems to development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of complex application specific secure distributed systems including integrated surveillance systems for border security applications, eCustoms solutions for Customs Authorities and comprehensive information systems for medical laboratories.Quality Certificate: ISO 9001:2008 certified for Hardware and software development, manufacturing and system integration. Information systems consultation and audit (BVC, since 1999).
      Membership Status: First Class
    • DBH Baltics OÜ
      Address: Roosikrantsi 2, 10119 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +371 26442609
      Contact Person 1: Vaiva Kirvelaite
      Tel: +371 26442609
      Email: vaiva (at )
      Contact Person 2: Juergen Roehlinger
      Tel: +371 26442609
      Email: juergen (at )
      Company Description: DBH Baltics OÜ is the franchize holder of the British department store brand DEBENHAMS in the Baltic states. Debenhams is a well known international brand with a proud British heritage of 200 years. It trades out of 240 stores across 29 countries. Debenhams has been investing in British design for 20 years through its exclusive Designers at Debenhams portfolio of brands. Now quality design and fashion for affordable price is available in Tallinn. On two floors of our store you will find fashion for men and women, kidswear, homewear and home accessories, beauty and health products, lingerie and gifts.
      Membership Status: First Class
    • DHL Estonia AS
      Address: Betooni 6, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 680 8402
      Fax: +372 680 8406
      Email: laire.suurvali (at)
      Contact Person: Laire Suurväli
      Tel: +372 680 8402
      Email: laire.suurvali (at)
      Company Description: Express, logistics and international mail services world-wide.
      Membership Status: First Class
    • Estonian Business School
      Address: A. Lauteri 3, 10114 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 665 1300
      Fax: +372 631 3959
      Email: ebs (at)
      Contact Person 1: Sirli Kalep (Estonian Business School)
      Tel: +372 6651 369
      Email: Sirli.Kalep (at)
      Contact Person 2: Peep Aaviksoo (EBS Executive Training Centre)
      Tel: +372 6651 323
      Email: Peep.Aaviksoo (at)
      Description of the University:
      Estonian Business School (EBS)
      Established in 1988, EBS is the oldest privately owned business university located in Tallinn, Estonia and Helsinki, Finland. With more than 1500 students, EBS’s goal is to provide enterprising people with academic knowledge, skills and values for its successful implementation.
      In its 28 years EBS has grown into one of the biggest private universities in the Baltic countries, teaching entrepreneurship and business administration at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels. EBS has over 70 partner universities in Europe, America, Australia and Asia, enabling a wide exchange of both students and lecturers. In 2011 EBS opened a branch in Helsinki.In 2016 EBS English-language Bachelor’s level International Business Administration study programme became the first in Estonia to receive EPAS accreditation, which is among the highest level recognition business schools can receive. EPAS accreditation is awarded by the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).
      Facts about EBS:
      *EBS in numbers: 1500 students, over 4500 alumni, 100 faculty, 70 partner universities across the world
      *Estonian Business School Group AS education concern involves in addition to the university EBS High School, founded in 1997 and EBS Executive Training Centre, founded in 1993.
      *According to a study by Statistics Estonia, EBS graduates earn higher monthly income than the graduates of other Estonian universities
      *EBS is ranked among Top 300 business schools in the world by Eduniversal
      *Over 30% of EBS’s student body are international students
      *EBS was the first foreign university to open a branch in Finland, where currently study about 150 students
      *EBS is currently only private university in Estonia
      *EBS Founder Professor Madis Habakuk received the Lifetime Award on Estonian Entrepreneurship Awards 2013
      EBS Executive Training Centre (EBS ETC) is a member of Estonian Business School Group. EBS Executive Training Centre was founded in 1993.
      The EBS Executive Training Centre (EBS ETC), a leading training company in Estonia, acts as a link between the business world and universities. Its activities are targeted at meeting the training needs of organisations, offering training and consultation on different management functions.
      EBS ETC portfolio mainly includes development and qualification programmes for senior and middle management and tailor-made in-company training courses.
      EBS ETC also runs the public programme in Estonia in strategic management for senior managers lasting two years – Executive MBA.
      Membership Status: First Class
    • GlaxoSmithKline Eesti OÜ
      Address: Lõõtsa 8a, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 667 6900
      Fax: +372 667 6911
      Contact Person: Toomas Pruunsild
      Email: toomas.r.pruunsild (at)
      Company Description: GSK is a world-leading, research-based pharmaceutical company with a powerful combination of skills and resources that provide a platform for delivering strong growth in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.
      Headquartered in the UK and with operations based in the US, we are one of the industry leaders, with an estimated 6.3 per cent of the world’s pharmaceutical market. GlaxoSmithKline brings innovative medicines to patients all over Europe, to help fight diseases and treat illnesses including asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), diabetes, cancer, psychiatric illness and HIV/ AIDS, as well as vaccines to help prevent diseases. GSK’s mission is to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.
      Membership Status: First Class
    • Hilton Tallinn Park
      Address: F.R. Kreutzwaldi 23, 10147 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 630 5333
      Contact Person 1: Leo Lindell
      Tel: +372 5336 6412
      Email: leo.lindell (at)
      Located in the city center, just steps away from the peaceful Politsei Park, Hilton Tallinn Park ensures guests an unforgettable stay. Take in the spectacular views of the enchanting Old Town and harbour showcased to their fullest by the hotel’s captivating modern glass structure. Walking distance away is Kadriorg Park – the most outstanding palatial and urban park in Estonia. Enjoy spacious guest rooms, warm and professional service, and amenities designed with guests in mind. Indulge in the eforea spa at Hilton or relax in our Executive Lounge. Close to all major business and tourist attractions, the hotel is an ideal venue for both business and leisure guests.
      Membership Status: First Class
    • Interconnect Product Assembly IPA AS
      Address: Läike tee 5A, Peetri küla, Rae vald, 75312 Harjumaa, Estonia
      Tel: +372 659 3390
      Fax: +372 659 3399
      Email: ipa (at)
      Contact Person 1: John Ross, MD
      Tel: +372 502 0099
      Email: jross (at)
      Contact Person 2: Roman Klepikov (GM)
      Tel: +372 526 5085
      Email: rklepikov (at)
      Company Description: Interconnect Product Assembly AS is an independent privately owned company specialising in the production of wire harnesses and specialist electrical assemblies, including high level assembly and box build. The range of services they provide include prototyping, supply chain management and design maintenance. IPA currently employs approximately 250 people and operates from a modern, purpose built, manufacturing facility.
      Membership Status: First Class
    • KPMG Baltics OÜ
      Address: Narva mnt 5, 10117 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 626 8700
      Fax: +372 626 8777
      Email: kpmg (at)
      Contact Person 1: Andris Jegers, Managing Senior Partner
      Tel: +372 626 8700
      Email: ajegers (at)
      Contact Person 2: Merit Wassenaar, Head of Markets
      Tel: +372 626 8737
      Company Description: KPMG is a global network of professional firms providing Audit, Tax, Legal and Advisory services. We operate in 155 countries and have more than 174,000 professionals working in member firms around the world. With more than 330 professionals, KPMG is one of the leading professional services firms in the Baltic States with offices in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius and Klaipeda.
      Our main services: Audit, Tax, Financial, Legal and Advisory Services (management-, risk-, IT- and operations consulting, accounting etc) the latter encompassing advice on strategy, internal control and information risk management.
      e assist firms and organizations in meeting their compliance requirements and help them to develop, adding value to our clients’ business. We have specialized staff with many different skills and backgrounds, and we are flexible – we adapt our services and develop new ones to meet the needs of clients as market conditions change.
      Membership Status: First Class
    • Law Firm Tark Grunte Sutkiene
      Address: Roosikrantsi 2, 10119 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 611 0900
      Contact Person: Risto Vahimets
      Email: risto.vahimets (at)
      Company Description: Tark Grunte Sutkiene is a full service business law firm with strong and high profile team of key professionals mainly focused on providing advice on complex commercial transactions and settelement of disputes, covering both public and private law in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
      Lawyers of the firm work in joint teams with clearly defined project management and a single billing point. Today the firm has over 80 attorneys and lawyers, and total staff reaches over a hundred.
      Membership Status: First Class
    • Nordic Hotels OÜ
      Address: Viru väljak 3, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 622 2900
      Fax: +372 622 2901
      Email: info (at)
      Contact Person 1: Kersti Vaino
      Tel: +372 622 2913
      Email: kersti.vaino (at)
      Contact Person 2: Feliks Mägus
      Tel: +372 622 2900
      Email: feliks.magus (at)
      Company Description: Nordic Hotels is a young and dynamic hotel chain which was established in the year 2003.
      Membership Status: First Class
    • Swissotel Tallinn
      Address: Tornimäe 3, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 624 2224
      Fax: +372 624 2445
      Contact Person: Liina Selgmäe, Director of Sales
      Tel: +372 624 2224
      Company Description:
      Step into a world of ease, luxury and Swiss hospitality at Swissôtel Tallinn, a luxury hotel set amidst the business district and boasting unrivalled postcard panoramic views across the UNESCO listed Old Town and the Baltic Sea. The Old Town with its world-class entertainment, shopping, art galleries and museums is a short stroll away whilst the airport can be reached in 10 minutes. Swissôtel Tallinn promises excellent accommodation, business and leisure experiences. With 238 guestrooms and luxury suites, you’ll find 3 restaurants to exceed your dining expectations and Pürovel Spa & Sport centre. If meetings are a focus, the banquet rooms, including the largest ballroom in Estonia, are the ideal venue. A Swiss Meeting Concierge is always on hand to provide assistance. At Pürovel Spa & Sport in Tallinn, we attach great importance to using Swiss products. We also believe that one of the key elements on the path to natural vitality is exercise. Our facilities include a first-class fitness centre with state-of-the art equipment; guests can train on the treadmill, cross trainer, stationary bicycle, rowing machine or choose any of the free weights to exercise. To further enhance a visit to Pürovel Spa & Sport, we provide our clients with complimentary fresh water and our special selection of invigorating teas and healthy cookies.
      SPA Contact Details: Swissôtel Tallinn, 11th floor
      Tel: +372 624 1111
      Fax: +372 624 0001
      Membership Status: First Class
    • Tallinn University of Technology
      Address: Ehitajate tee 5, 19086 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 620 2002
      Fax: +372 620 2020
      Email: ttu (at)
      Contact Person 1: Kaja Lutsoja – School of Economics and Business Administration, Department of Finance and Economics
      Tel: +372 620 4059
      Description of the University: With its eight faculties, three colleges and R&D institutions, Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) is a national university of technology, internationally renowned, known as a reliable partner at different levels of collaboration networks. We are serving our nation as a hothouse of engineering and technology professionals and a driving force for the development of a knowledge-based economy. TUT fosters integration of technical and related natural and social sciences and humanities that create a basis of higher technological education and advancement of Estonia’s economy. We are committed to collaboration in the networks of the countries of the Baltic Sea region, Europe- and worldwide.
      Membership Status: First Class
    • Bravo Healthcare OÜ
      Address: Ahtri 6a
      Tallinn 10151 Estonia
      Tel: 5072031
      Contact Person 1: Riin Ehin
      Tel: 5072031
      Contact Person 2 : Rakesh Pandey
      Tel: 5612 1500
      Membership Status: First Class
Business Class Members
    • AstraZeneca Eesti OÜ
      Address: Järvevana tee 9, Tallinn
      Tel: +3726549600
      Contact Person 1: Kristin Ojamäe
      Tel: +372 6549 600
      Contact Person 2:Kuuno Vaher
      Company Description: AstraZeneca is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical company that focuses on the discovery, development and commercialization of prescription medicines, primarily for the treatment of diseases in three therapy areas: Respiratory and Autoimmunity; Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease; Oncology. AstraZeneca operates in over 100 countries and its innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Olde Hansa
      Address: Vana Turg 1, 10140, Tallinn
      Tel: +372 627 9040
      Contact Person 1: Kristina Lindholm
      Tel: +372 53 442 932
      Contact Person 2: Tene Link
      Company Description: Starmaker OÜ is the experiential hospitality company that, with the help of such venues as Olde Hansa Restaurant, The Shoppe and Kolmas Draakon, has truly created a medieval heart of Old Town Tallinn.
      The world-renowned medieval restaurant of Olde Hansa – now in its 18th year of operation – is itself located in a World Heritage protected building and is home to Hansa-era meals and drinks, true period music and the warmest of welcomes befitting the reputation of this innovative and creative eatery. Although III Draakon, situated in the old court room under Tallinn’s Town Hall, is only a small medieval-themed restaurant in comparison to Olde Hansa, it is fast becoming as well-known as its big ’sister’. Set in two cosy candle-lit rooms the House Ladies serve visitors a menu that includes delicious beef ribs, pastries, a hearty elk broth and the best value-for-money wine and beer on the town hall square. The Shoppe – a medieval homeware & curio store – showcases the work of local craftsman and those from far-off lands including hand-made glassware and pottery, jewellery, clothing and accessories all in the medieval style. With additional gifts such as exotic herbs, honeys and jams and, of course, Olde Hansa’s famous schnapps ‘The Shoppe’ is an ideal venue for alternative and interesting gifts.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Advokaadibüroo Magnusson OÜ
      Address: Laeva 2, Tallinn 10111
      Contact Person: Jaanus Mägi
      Tel: +372 5012120
      Email: jaanus.magi (at)
      Company Description: Magnusson is a full-service independent law firm with offices in Copenhagen, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Kaunas, Kiev, Moscow, Oslo, Riga, Stockholm, Tallinn, Vilnius and Warsaw. With 200 lawyers in the region, we offer seamless legal services to clients operating in the Baltic Sea Area, including local and international companies, as well as public authorities. We believe that our detailed knowledge of local markets across the region, the extensive experience of the firm’s lawyers and a strong sense of a commercial “can do” approach to business help us contribute effectively to our clients’ success.
      Our high standards are confirmed on a regular basis by independent standard-setting publications (e.g., Chambers Global , Chambers Europe, Legal 500 EMEA).
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • AS Baltic Rail
      Address: Toompuiestee 35, Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 6613120
      Contact Person 1: Stephen Archer
      Email: stephen.archer (at)
      Contact Person 2: Aleksander Lestal
      Email: aleksander.lestal (at)
      Company Description: Baltic Rail offers the competitive solutions for cargo delivery schemes that meet our customer’s requirements for timely, reliable and safe service all over the world. Efficiently combining distinctive features of sea, rail and road with particular emphasis on connecting western Europe, especially UK, to Central Asia and Russia by rail from Estonia.
      Baltic Rail owns a fleet of 40’HCPW containers able to operate within the 1520 mm railway system throughout Russia and Middle Asia. Baltic Rail also operates container trains between The Adriatic Sea and the Baltic Sea.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Ignite OÜ
      Address: Tatari 25, 10116 Tallinn
      Tel: +372 5104524
      Contact Person 1: Marit Alaväli
      Tel: +372 51 04524
      Email: marit.alavali (at)
      Contact Person 2: Dea Oja
      Tel: +372 50 71 996
      Email: dea.oja (at)
      Company Description: Ignite creates custom made corporate software solutions that take customers business forward. Created solutions include mobile applications, large scale corporate systems as well as European wide mission critical information systems. Our business domains include public health services, finance, virtual gaming platforms and retail systems.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Inwise OÜ
      Address: Kivimurru tn 34, Tallinn 11411
      Tel: +372 5151210
      Contact Person : Neeme Org
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Creditinfo Eesti AS
      Address: Narva mnt 5, 10117 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 665 9600
      Fax: +372 665 9601
      Contact Person: Veiko Meos
      Tel: +372 665 9600
      Email: veiko.meos (at)
      Company Description: Creditinfo is a reliable partner, whose aim is to offer its clients comfortable and flexible solutions in all information and credit administration questions.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Lextal Law Firm
      Address: Rävala pst 4, 10143 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 640 0250
      Fax: +372 640 0260
      Email: info (at)
      Contact Person: Ants Karu, Partner
      Tel: +372 640 0250
      Email: ants.karu (at)
      Company Description:
      LEXTAL is one of the leading full service law firms in the Baltics and a member of international alliances TELFA and UNILAW. LEXTAL’s lawyers served as arbitrators or counsels in international disputes in Washington, London, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga, and Vilnius. The complete coverage of the local region and effective international associations give LEXTAL the capacity to offer its clients customized solutions, which perfectly fit any given industry, jurisdiction and client.
      The company has an distinguished track record of getting deals done with their result-oriented can-do approach. The company has an extensive track record in advising in taxation as well as transactions from investments and acquisitions to construction and real estate. LEXTAL has one of the most outstanding litigation teams in Estonia and is known for representing clients in most challenging and high value cases. The firm has been ranked by Corporate INTL Magazine and by Global Law Experts (GLE) the Best Insurance and Re-Insurance Law Firm in Estonia for 2016.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Nordea Bank AB Eesti Filiaal
      Address: Liivalaia 45/47, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 628 3300
      Email: eesti (at)
      Contact Person: Külliki Kesa, Head of Real Estate Desk
      Tel: +372 628 3325
      Email: kylliki.kesa (at)
      Company Description: Nordea Bank AB Estonia is a part of Nordea Bank AB (publ), the biggest financial group in the Nordic Region.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • BaltCap Management
      Address: Tartu mnt 2, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 665 0280
      Fax: +372 665 0281
      Contact Person 1: Peeter Saks
      Tel: +372 665 0280
      Email: peeter.saks (at)
      Contact Person 2: Martin Kõdar
      Tel: +372 665 0280
      Email: martin.kodar (at)
      Company Description: BaltCap Management is the leading dedicated private equity and venture capital investor in the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania). We have worked in the region since 1995.
      BaltCap supports strong management teams and companies with a vision to grow in the Baltics and beyond. To date we have made 35 investments out of which 21 are now fully exited, providing the firm with a strong track record.
      We have a presence in all three Baltic countries via our three offices and experienced team of local investment professionals.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • British Embassy-Suurbritannia Suursaatkond Eestis
      Address: Wismari 6, 10136 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 667 4700
      Fax: +372 667 4724
      Email: infotallinn (at)
      Contact Person: Eva-Kristiina Ponomarjov
      Email: Eva-Kristiina.Ponomarjov (at)
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Clayhills Gastropub
      Address: Pikk 13, 10123 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 641 9312
      Email: clayhills (at)
      Contact Person: Martin Murray
      Tel: +372 5591 6332
      Email: martin (at)
      Company Description: Clayhills is the first gastropub in the Baltic’s. The word gastropub comes from the combination of two words “gastronomy” and “pub” and was created in London in 1991. Gastropubs are a recent trend that serves high quality food in a relaxed pub environment so we are both a pub and a good restaurant in Tallinn.
      Our menu takes inspiration in British, European and local Estonian tradition and we carry a wide selection of local and international beers and wines.
      Live music is a strong part of our identity and here in Clayhills we have live music every weekend featuring everything from Pop and Jazz to Latin music.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Contimer Logistics & Warehousing
      Address: Masina 11, 10144 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 605 0555
      Contact Person: Marek Krugol
      Tel: marek.krugol (at)
      Email: +372 605 0561
      Contact Person: Dmitri Redkin
      Tel: +372 605 0555
      Email: dmitri.redkin (at)
      Company Description: Contimer has been operating since 1995. We are among Estonia’s top three customs bonded warehouse keepers and forwarders of general cargo and dry bulk. Our clients are provided with a complete package of top-level logistic services including international forwarding by sea, rail and road as well as customs bonded warehousing and swift customs formalities.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • CWT Estonia AS
      Address: Laeva 2, 10111 Tallinn
      Tel: +372 640 7770
      Email: cwt (at)
      Contact Person: Merike Hallik
      Tel: +372 509 0717
      Contact Person: Ene Bome
      Tel: +372 640 7787
      Company Description: CWT Estonia is part of Carlson Wagonlit Travel. CWT Estonia became a wholly-owned part of Carlson Wagonlit Travel on February 4, 2011. It will continue to offer the same high-quality service and travel options clients have long enjoyed, while creating additional opportunities through CWT’s global network.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • FloorIn
      Address: Pärnu mnt 139E/3, 11317 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 655 8244
      Email: info (at)
      Contact Person: Arvi Mägin
      Tel: +372 503 3566
      Email: arvi.magin (at)
      Contact Person: Riina Õunapuu
      Tel:+372 5216010
      Email: riina.ounapuu (at)
      Company Description: Floorin is one of the biggest floorcovering material retail dealers in Estonia. Company was founded in 1993. The year 2005 was an important milestone in the history of the company – brandname Floorin was launched. During 23 years of successful activity and with very large product range, such as high-quality linoleum, PVC, parquet, ceramics, laminate and carpets, company has found the best solutions to thousands of business, factory and home floors. In 2015 Floorin started cooperation with well-known Italian decorative paint company Oikos.
      Floorin is representing more than 30 strong floorcovering material product brands, which are well-known all over the world: Forbo Flooring, Polyflor, Desso, Recer, Plastex, Bergo, Cisa, Cipagres etc. The choice of products and partners has been based on keywords – high quality, outstanding design, innovation and reliability.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • International Language Services ILS OÜ
      Address: Roosikrantsi 8B, 10119 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 627 7170
      Email: info (at)
      Contact Person: Phillip Marsdale, Director
      Tel: +372 627 7171
      Email: phil (at)
      Company Description: Estonia’s leading provider of corporate language training services. We support most of our face to face courses with tailor-made packages within our virtual learing environment.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Jungent Estonia OÜ
      Address: Paldiski mnt 11, 10137 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 666 3800
      Email: jungent (at)
      Contact Person: Kait Liinev
      Email: kait (at)
      Company Description: Jungent is 25 years old Sales & Distribution Company operating in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland. We are a professional distribution partner with more than 50 outstanding international and national suppliers, which creates a strong brand family for the customer. Our product portfolio consists of leading FMCG brands in the category that have the highest awareness and consumption in the specific product category in specific country. Jungent group employs over 500 people. Our direct customers are retail outlets, foodservice clients, and other B2B customers. Thanks to our wide sales and logistics organisation we serve over 7500 direct customers in Baltic markets. Jungent consolidated revenue was 120 million Euros in 3 countries in 2015. Jungent group companies are Jungent Estonia, Jungent Latvia AS, Jungent Lietuva UAB, Jungent Finland, logistics company Via 3L and spedition company Via3L Spedition. Jungent Group is macro-distributor of Shell Lubricants in Baltic’s and Finland.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Karusoft Ltd
      Address: Pihlapuu tee 12, Leppneeme, 74009 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 506 6006
      Contact Person: Chris Lautre
      Tel: +372 506 6006
      Email: chris (at)
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Mooncascade OÜ
      Address: Tartu mnt 63, 10115 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 504 5119
      Email: info (at)
      Contact Person: Karen K. Burns
      Company Description: Mooncascade is an Estonian product and software development company that started work in 2009 and was founded by four software engineers.Mooncascade is the market leader in mobile applications development in the region, having a team of over 80 specialists with deep technical knowledge and wide business expertise to solve complex tasks for various mobile and web platforms. Having emerged from the country that has the most start-ups per capita in the world has its advantages. We are the chosen partner for aggressive growth phase start-ups both regionally and in Western Europe and are also brought in when a large corporation sets up an innovation arm and requires work from an agile and innovative team of software development experts.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Law Firm LINKLaw
      Address: Maakri 23a, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 600 4490
      Email: info (at)
      Contact Person: Veiko Viisileht
      Company Description: LINKLaw offers high-quality legal services in all main areas of law. Due to their pro-active approach, LINKLaw lawyers are able to anticipate and avoid a significant part of the client’s problems. But if litigation is unavoidable, they are ready to assist the client even in the most complex and sizable civil and administrative court disputes. We also advise our clients on a daily basis in corporate and commercial law related matters and assist them in complex transactions. LINKLaw is the gateway to the best solutions!LINKLaw offers high-quality legal services in all main areas of law. Due to their pro-active approach, LINKLaw lawyers are able to anticipate and avoid a significant part of the client’s problems. But if litigation is unavoidable, they are ready to assist the client even in the most complex and sizable civil and administrative court disputes. We also advise our clients on a daily basis in corporate and commercial law related matters and assist them in complex transactions. LINKLaw is the gateway to the best solutions!
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Merchant’s House Hotel
      Address: Dunkri 4/6, 10123 Tallinn
      Tel: +372 697 7500
      Contact Person: Jonathan Poole, General Manager
      Email: gm (at)
      Contact Person 2: Eneli Elleste
      Email: sales (at)
      Contact Person 3: Siiri Elleste
      Email: fom (at)
      Company Description: Merchants House Hotel is a beautiful and historical (36room) boutique hotel . It is the most centrally located hotel in medieval old town in Tallinn, Estonia.
      The Merchants House Hotel is the perfect property for business and Tallinn weekend city breaks & has become one of highest requested Tallinn accommodations to enjoy a city break in Tallinn
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Overall Eesti AS
      Address: Lootsi 11, 10151 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 630 0500
      Email: overall (at)
      Contact Person: Märt Haamer
      Tel: +372 630 0511
      Email: mart (at)
      Contact Person: Marika Tammik
      Tel: +372 630 0510
      Email: marika.tammik (at)
      Company Description: Overall Eesti AS is authorized sales and service partner for Canon in Estonia with offices in Tallinn, Tartu, Pärnu, Viljandi, Rakvere, Kuressaare and Jõhvi. For your business, Overall Eesti AS offers a variety of printing, copying and scanning hardware which in cooperation with the professional consultants provide you a number of integrated solutions for output and document management. Solutions also include professional printing (CRD, Commercial Print, Print for Pay, Large Format Print) and colour management services (Calibrating, Proofing). For your home, the Overall shops offer a diverse selection of Canon photo, video and personal photo-printing solutions. Partners and alliances: Canon, Hewlett Packard, Apple, EFI, CGS, Colourtrac, Lexar, Zeutschel, ScanFile.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Port of Tallinn
      Address:Sadama 25, 15051 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 631 8064
      Email: portoftallinn (at)
      Contact Person: Sirle Arro
      Tel: +372 631 8068
      Company Description: Port of Tallinn is the biggest port authority in Estonia and as far as both the cargo traffic and passenger traffic are taken into account, the biggest port on the shores of the Baltic Sea. With its location on the south coast of the Finnish Gulf in the Baltic Sea, Port of Tallinn is ideally placed for cargo trans-shipments between Western Europe and Russia. Transit cargo constitutes more than 75% of the total cargo volume handled in the port. The share of total cargo flowing through Port of Tallinn accounts for some 13% of the total transit traffic volume handled on the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea. Port’s largest competitors include Port of St. Petersburg (Russia) and Port of Ventspils (Latvia). On the other hand the port is known as one of the busiest passenger ports in the Baltic region.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Radisson Blu Sky Hotel/Astlanda Hotelli AS
      Address: Rävala pst 3, 10143 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 6823025
      Fax: +372 682 3001
      Email: info.tallinn (at)
      Contact Person: Flemming Poulsen
      Email: flemming.poulsen (at)
      Company Description: Radisson Blu Sky Hotel is one of the most prestigious business hotels in Tallinn, the landmark building towers above the Old Town and is a convenient hub for tourism, business and shopping. The hotel has everything that it takes to satisfy a discerning travellers needs while away from home. Whether it’s endless coffee or staying in touch with home or business via broadband Internet, you got it!
      Radisson Blu Sky Hotel has 14 well-equipped meeting and conference rooms of various sizes located on the 2nd and 24th floor, 2 restaurants, roof top bar Lounge 24 with excellent views, modern Lobby bar, Babor Beauty Spa, fitness centre, concierge and 24-hour room service.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia
      Address: Liivalaia 33, 10118 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 631 5333
      Email: info.olumpia.tallinn (at)
      Contact Person: Marju Kullasepp
      Email: marju.kullasepp (at)
      Company Description: Radisson Blu Hotel Olümpia is a first class hotel built for the Olympics 1980 yachting regatta and it is completely renovated by today. In addition to 390 comfortable rooms the hotel offers an impressive conference centre, a fresh, inspiring café and bakery, a cozy restaurant, a rooftop pool and fitness centre with magnificent views.
      Yes I Can! service and free wireless internet throughout the hotel makes it an ideal place for both work and play.
      Conveniently located in the heart of the business district, the hotel is a mere 10-minute walk from the medieval Old Town, only 3 km from the airport, and 2 km from the harbour.
      Conference rooms, business centre, restaurant, bars, café, gym, pool, saunas, beauty salon, free internet throughout the hotel, free parking for accommodation clients, concierge, 24 h room service, kids playroom.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • SEB
      Address: Tornimäe 2, 15010 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 665 5100
      Contact Person: Priit Seeman
      Tel: +372 665 6652
      Email: priit.seeman (at)
      Company Description: Ever since foundation nearly 160 years ago, SEB has played an active part in the development of the societies and markets in which it operates. SEB has long been the bank of choice for large corporate customers and institutions Nordic countries. In Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania SEB provides universal banking services.
      SEB way of doing business is based on understanding customers’ needs from a long-term perspective and building close partnerships. SEB offers advisory services, high-quality products and services and share our expertise and know-how with customers.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Sokos Hotels Tallinn
      Address: Viru väljak 4, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 680 9300
      Fax: +372 680 9326
      Email: viru.reservation (at)
      Contact Person: Evelin Org
      Tel: +372 5680 9315
      Email: (at)
      Company Description: Sokos Hotels Tallinn represent two hotels in Tallinn – legendary Original Sokos Hotel Viru and unique Estonian design and story hotel Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria. Both of our hotels belong to one of the biggest hotel chain in Finland – Sokos Hotels. Comprising more than 50 hotels in Finland, Tallinn, and St. Petersburg, Sokos Hotels is the largest and best-known hotel chain in Finland. All our hotels are situated in city centres or in the middle of recreational locations, alongside good transport connections. Both of the hotels in Tallinn offer a wide variety of services for business and leisure travellers. Sokos Hotels Tallinn boasts one of the biggest meeting centres in town, restaurants Merineitsi and Amarillo, night club Cafe Amigo, saunas and beauty salons. The wireless Internet network covers all public spaces and guest rooms of the hotel. There is a wealth of sights, shopping opportunities and leisure activities in the close vicinity of both of the hotels.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Tallink Hotels
      Address: Kai 1, 10111 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 630 0808 FREE
      Email: hotelbooking (at)
      Contact Person: Marina Mättik
      Tel: +372 630 1072
      Email: marina.mattik (at)
      <Company Description: Three hotels in Tallinn are situated in the centre and the fourth beside the sea in beautiful Pirita. The newest hotel in the chain is Tallink Hotel Riga, located close to business and shopping centres and the historic Old Town. Tallink Hotels is the largest hotel chain in Estonia and second largest in the Baltics.
      City Hotel is a comfortable and dignified hotel in the heart of Tallinn. A great location – directly in the heart of Tallinn City – assures comfortable and fast access to all of Tallinn’s points of interest.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Transferwise
      Address: Veerenni 24, 10135 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +44 (0) 203 6950 999
      Email: support (at)
      Contact Person: Dan Stansbie
      Email: dan (at)
      Company Description: TransferWise is an Estonian developed and UK-based peer-to-peer money transfer service launched in January 2011 by Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus with headquarters in London and offices in Tallinn and New York. More than £3 billion has been transferred through TransferWise. TransferWise supports more than 300 currency routes across the world.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • TRINITI Law Firm
      Address: City Plaza, 15. floor, Tartu mnt 2, 10145 Tallinn
      Tel: +372 6 850 950
      Fax: +372 6 850 951
      Email: triniti (at)
      Contact Person: Siim Maripuu
      Tel: +372 6 850 950
      Email: siim.maripuu (at)
      Company Description:TRINITI is a Pan-Baltic business law firm providing the full scope of legal advice for our commercial clients. Our cross-border practice groups consist of seasoned law professionals and leaders in their field serving clients in 8 working languages as a one-stop agency in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We have provided legal services to over 1 500 local and international clients, including local market leaders and FORTUNE 500 multinationals advising them in landmark transactions and precedent-setting disputes.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • Unique Hotels
      Address: Toompuiestee 23, 10137 Tallinn, Estonia
      Contact Person: Paul Taylor
      Contact Person 2: Anu Metsallik
      Tel: +372 56978870
      Company Description:Unique Hotels is a small group of lifestyle hotels, located in genuine historical buildings, which have been painstakingly renovated and offer a combination of historical ambience, daring design and modern conveniences. Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn, The von Stackelberg Hotel Tallinn and City Hotel Tallinn are all located close to the Old Town of Tallinn, providing comfortable and fast access to the main points of interest. The fourth property, Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa is located about an hour’s drive from Tallinn in the beautiful Lahemaa National Park. All of the hotels feature comfortable guest rooms and suites, well-equipped conference facilities, cosy restaurants and intimate spas. The group operates under a profoundly green concept with a strong focus on environmentally friendly solutions in all aspects – from using natural materials to energy-saving power solutions and from local organic food served in the restaurants to 100% natural treatments in the spas.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • EveryPay AS
      Address:Kalasadama 4, Tallinn, Estonia
      Contact Person:Lauri Teder
      Company description: EveryPay is a payment gateway, founded in Estonia in 2012. Our internet card payment service in collaboration with LHV Pank, offers the fastest and most secure exchange of money between the buyer and merchant – the funds from card transactions will reach merchants account the next day and all that 365 days a year.
      Membership Status: Business Class
    • VARUL
      Address: Ahtri 6a, 10151 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 626 4300
      Fax: +372 626 4306
      Email: Tallinn (at)
      Contact Person: Eva-Liisa Pärtel
      Email: eva-liisa.partel (at)
      Company Description:
      VARUL has offices in Tallinn, Tartu, Riga and Vilnius and employs a total of ninety attorneys and lawyers. The firm is focused on advising both domestic and international clients on all aspects of business law.We meet the needs of our clients through developing an in-depth understanding of their businesses and by delivering responsive and innovative legal services. We care that our clients achieve their business goals in the most efficient manner. Our dedication to the principle of always putting the client first creates the foundation for lasting personal relationships.The firm’s lawyers have strong academic backgrounds as well as thorough sector-specific knowledge in all practice areas of the firm. Our open and friendly attitude creates a very special work environment that allows us to recruit top talent, and to take pride in a staff of the best professionals in the business.
      Membership Status: Business Class
Small Class Members
    • Artillery
      Address: Karukämbla tee 5-4, Randvere küla, 74016 Viimsi, Harjumaa
      Email: info (at)
      Contact Person: Kristi Ramsden
      Tel: +372 55695255
      Email: kristi (at)
      Company Description: Wholesale of alcoholic beverages
      Membership Status: Small Business Class
    • Cicero Capital OÜ
      Address: Lai 12-3, 10133 Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 508 1769
      Email: james.oates (at)
      Contact Person: James Oates
      Tel: +44 776 740 2446
      Email: james.oates (at)
      Company Description:Cicero Capital is a financial advisory boutique operating exclusively in the markets of Central & Eastern Europe. It consists of a small team of highly experienced investment professionals led by James Oates.
      The members of the team comprise a pool of many decades of experience in a variety of investment structures. We have transacted business across Central & Eastern Europe in a variety of leading, well known investment firms.
      The firm is focused on Investment Advisory for a core group of clients. As such we are creating investment vehicles to look at a variety of different asset classes, including equity – both traded and private – mezzanine and hybrid debt instruments. We also advise on investment in specialist investment vehicles, such as for distressed real estate, forestry and other non-financial assets.
      Our basic strategy is to identify companies with solid cash generation potential, but which may suffer from misallocated balance sheets, and then seek to apply capital to correct the imbalances and make the business sustainable. A further characteristic that we seek is the capacity of our investment targets to participate on regional or sectoral consolidation.
      We have worked on highly confidential transactions covering manufacturing, retail, logistics and finance in a variety of different markets.
      Our extensive experience and our presence on the ground in the region allow us to develop investment theses and identify investment targets far more rapidly than those based outside Central & Eastern Europe.
      We conduct our business in an ethical and professional manner which is why we have been able to develop long term close relationships with leading institutional investors and selected large family offices in order to maximise their returns from investment in the region.
      Cicero Capital is at the centre of a network of different investment firms and is truly one of the best connected firms in our core markets of Central & Eastern Europe, particularly Poland, the Baltic markets of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, the Adriatic markets of Slovenia and Croatia, and to a lesser extent the markets of South East Europe such as Albania, Bulgaria and Ukraine.
      Membership Status: Small Company Class
    • Eesti Skautide Ühing / Estonian Scouts Association
      Address: Lembitu 7-40, Tallinn, Estonia
      Tel: +372 646 6530
      Email: info (at)
      Contact Person 1: Siim Maripuu
      Tel: +372 5341 3600
      Email: international(at)
      Contact Person 2: Kristjan Pomm
      Tel: +372 509 7110
      Email: peaskaut(at)
      Company Description: Estonian Scouts Association is a member organization of World Organization of the Scout Movement. Through the Scout Method we provide developing activities for children and young people. Estonian Scouts Association was established in 1995 and has more than 1500 members.
      Membership Status: Small Company Class
    • Estonian Real Estate OÜ
      Address: Tornimäe 7-32, 10145 Tallinn
      Tel: +372 6608108, +372 56660808
      Email: info (at)
      Contact Person: Jelena Zubko
      Tel: +372 56666889
      Company Description: Real estate agency. Estonian Real Estate Ltd. was founded in 2005. Provision of brokerage services gave us invaluable experience in the sale of real estate.
      In 2008-2012 we focused on developing residential real estate. During the period, we renovated and sold more than 100 apartments, including five smaller apartment buildings.
      Since 2013 we have been actively investing in cashflow business projects. We balance our portfolio by buying high-yield assets such as production properties, commercial and residential real estate.
      Membership Status: Small Business Class
    • Techlink OÜ
      Tel: +372 52 97673
      Contact Person 1: Boriss Gubaidulin
      Tel:+372 52 97673
      Email: boriss (at)
      Membership Status: Small Business Class
    • mogo OÜ
      Address:Sõpruse pst 145, Tallinn
      Contact Person 1:Eerik Oja
      Contact Person 2:Martin Hoolma
      Company Description:MOGO OÜ is part of Mogo Finance S.A., the region’s leading provider of vehicle-focused credit solutions. We offer two main services to our customers: vehicle financing and title loans. In both instances the vehicle is used as collateral, hence all loans issued by MOGO are secured.
      Loans up to 10 000 euros with maturities ranging up to six years are available for both private and legal persons. Financing is offered online through the MOGO website and onsite at 5 customer service centers located in the largest cities in Estonia. MOGO is also cooperating with more than 150 independent partners selling new and pre-owned vehicles in dealerships across the country.
      Membership Status: Small Business Class
    • Best Apartments OÜ
      Address:Aia 3 Tallinn
      Tel::+372 5553 4933
      Contact Person 1:Georgi Zanev
      Tel:+ 37255511255
      Company Description:Best Apartments offers a unique choice of Tallinn apartment rentals with a quick online search capabilities that fits a wide range of budgets and preferences. With that kind of a choice of apartments for rent in Tallinn, you can find a suitable space that perfectly suits your tastes and budget.
      Thanks to our local network of more than 40 apartment owners and the volume of reservations we handle, we offer the most competitive prices for the quality we offer possible on the market, guaranteed. With our commitment to quality and our high professional standards, you can always expect prices and services that consistently outperform the competition.
      Membership Status: Small Business Class
    • Executive Lab Search
      Address:Kentmanni 6 Tallinn
      Contact Person: Tõnis Arro
      Tel: +3725048929
      Company Description:Executive Lab Search is a partnership of two experienced consultants Heli Zilensk and Tonis Arro, together having more than 45 years experience in finding good people for good companies. We search executives and professionals for international and Estonian companies, in Estonia, UK, Scandinavia and CIS. We also do onboarding and coaching individuals and teams.
      Membership Status: Small Business Class
    • Blu Mint Digital
      Address:Sepapaja 6 Tallinn
      Contact Person: David Bailey
      Tel: + 372 528 8899
      Company Description:Blu Mint Digital provide online marketing services for startups, entrepreneurs and small business that get your brand noticed in the digital world. With the ever increasing digitisation of business it has become imperative to ensure that your brand, products and services are effectively managed online. Online marketing aids in bridging the gap between startups and established enterprises.
      The international team at Blu Mint Digital are passionate startup marketers who have several years of experience in the startup and tech industries. We are experts at getting your idea, product or service to global consumers. Blu Mint Digital understand that budgets are limited and that you need to get your brand known quickly and effectively. Why not say hello to the team and tell us what you need? s.
      Membership Status: Small Business Class
      Address:Lastekodu 3-9, 10113 Tallinn
      Contact Person: Anu Ling
      Tel:+372 56 930 960
      Contact Person 2: Maarja Reinok
      Tel:+372 53 094 287
      Membership Status: Small Business Class
    • Rabbit
      Address:Sepaja 6, 15551, Tallinn
      Contact Person: Dirk Singer
      Tel:+44 (0) 7408 840 348
      Company Description:Rabbit ( is a creative social agency, which develops and implements online marketing campaigns on behalf of brands. This includes online advertising, social media content and community management, as well as bigger creative ideas that start online but can work throughout the marketing mix. Founder Dirk Singer has twice won agency of the year awards with companies he’s started, as well as winning or being short-listed for 30 industry campaign awards.
      Membership Status: Small Business Class
Personal Class Members
    • Andrew Black
      Membership Status: Personal
    • Anneli Simm
      Membership Status: Personal
    • Frank Flood
      Membership Status: Personal
    • Dr Christopher Hale
      Membership Status: Personal
    • Simon Boughton
      Membership Status: Personal
    • Joakim Helenius
      Membership Status: Personal
    • Mart Soonik. Coach; Communication consultant
      Membership Status: Personal
    • Vlad Vernygora, Lecturer
      Membership Status: Personal
    • Steven Conway, Legal Services
      Membership Status: Personal
    • David Wasly, Child protection
      Membership Status: Personal
    • Stacy James Cross, Personal fitness trainer
      Membership Status: Personal
    • Positive Concepts Ltd
      Address: 2 Heath Drive, Binfield Heath, OXON RG9 4LX
      Tel: +441189464666
      Contact Person: Peter Woolsey
      Tel: +44 7977 000 999
      Contact Person 2: John Philips
      Tel: +44 7776 232 590
      Membership Status: BECC UK
    • 1Office UK
      Address: Salisbury House, London Wall, London EC2M 5QQ
      Tel: +44 20 3598 4892
      Email: contact (at)
      Contact Person: Ivar Veskioja
      Tel: +44 7840 823 376
      Email: ivar (at)
      Company Description: 1Office Group OÜ is an international business services company operating in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland and Estonia. Our corporate mission is to make business simple. We provide accounting, tax consulting, virtual offices, legal and secretarial services.
      1Office Estonia business centre in the Foorum Building, Tallinn 10117, also offers serviced office space, workspaces and meeting rooms.
      1Office UK office is located in the Salisbury House, London EC2M 5QQ. 1Office UK offers virtual office services, accounting and legal services.
      Membership Status: BECC UK
    • Monese Ltd
      Address: Salisbury House, London Wall, London, EC2M 5QQ
      Contact Person: Norris Koppel
      Email: norris.koppel (at)
      Membership Status: BECC UK
    • Rang Media House
      Address: Narva mnt 5, Tallinn 10117
      Contact Person: Adam Rang
      Tel: +372 56998730
      Email: adam.rang (at)
      Company Description: Rang Media House helps companies communicate online through great content. Content is now essential for search engine optimisation, social media engagement and media relations. But great content is created by multimedia journalists, so we set up a media house instead of a traditional marketing agency.
      We research, write and deliver great content including blog posts, news releases, features, interviews, social media graphics and animations. Our content is original, useful, entertaining, informative, tailored to the web, targeted to key stakeholders, valued by search engines, sharable across social media and designed around business objectives.
      Cofounder Adam Rang has worked across journalism and public relations. In his most recent role at BAE Systems, Adam collected an award from the First Sea Lord of the Royal Navy for the content that helped launch the UK’s future flagship, HMS Queen Elizabeth.
      Adam is a native English speaker based in Tallinn who enjoys sharing marketing ideas and finding out if Rang Media House is the right partner to help a company grow.
      Membership Status: BECC UK
    • Personal Class
      Richard Hughes
    • Honorary members
      Ambassador Lauri Bambus
      Membership Status: BECC UK
    • Mare Tropp
      Membership Status: BECC UK